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The Collision of Machines, Science and Technology — The Latest Updates

Connecting with Friends & Family with Fun Mobile Apps



apps (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Get Connect with Friends and Families Through the Mobile Phone

One of the biggest advantages that has come along with all the new fun mobile apps is the ability to get reconnected with family and friends. Thanks to all the advancements, now mobile users can use their phones and apps as a way to keep in touch without having to worry about losing contact. From games to social networking sites, there are several ways to do this.

Advantage of Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites have become one of the number one ways to reach out and find family members and friends. Most mobile users will find easy ways to get access to these sites through their phones quickly and easily.  These apps are usually always included in the T-Mobile cell phone plans. Apps like this include the ability to keep mobile users connected all day to these sites. Users have the ability to update their statuses, upload pictures and view their friend’s information. Also, through these sites users can message and speak regularly to their friends and family.

Have Fun Reconnecting with Game Apps

Another excellent way users can connect with friends and family is through fun mobile apps like game apps. There are various game apps that allow users to look through their contact lists, email lists and their friends on social networking sites to play games. From fun words games to online card games, users can message their friends and family members while going back and forth on a game. Mobile users young and old alike enjoy these games which can be included in their T-Mobile cell phone plans.

Keep In Touch Through Email

Email is an easy way to get connected. With easy-to-use mobile apps, users can add their contact’s email addresses and they then have the ability to stay contacted through exchanging emails. Accessing email from a mobile phone is easy to do and users can answer, read and forward emails all in a matter of minutes. They can also include photos and upload videos to send to their family and friends.

Stay Connected Through Messaging

Instant messaging is another excellent way to get re-connected. There are several types of instant messengers users can access through their phones in order to stay connected. All mobile users have to do is add their friends and family members to their friends list and they can message with them all day, once they have been added on and sign on with their own instant messenger.

How to Be the Bonus Finder–The Ultimate Guide

There are hundreds of casino bonuses available online. You just have to know where to look. This also means you have to know what exactly you are looking for. These bonuses are not always the easiest to find. However, with the tips below, you will be able to come across some great deals and be ready to play online casino games in no time.

Image from Flickr

Know the Types of Bonuses

Online casinos offer tons of various bonuses for players to use. They especially cater to first-time gamblers. These enticing bonus offers allow them to play virtually for free until they match up for a deposit. Casino bonuses help you become familiar with a particular online casino and its games and give you an opportunity to try them again with your own money. Here are the most common bonuses offered in online casinos:

  • Sign-up Bonuses: These are monetary bonuses given to new players as welcome bonuses for playing in the casino sites.
  • Free Spins: Online casinos offer free spins particularly for slot games to its newbie players.
  • Free Hour Bonuses: With this sign-up bonus, new players can play up to an hour of casino games for free and have their earnings credited to their accounts once they officially sign up and become a paying member.

Consider the Size of Your Bankroll

You may not realize it, but the size of your bankroll plays an important part with most new casino bonuses. This is because the larger your deposit, the better chances you have at receiving a higher bonus. Say for example you deposit $200 into your account, and the bonus offer is 200 percent up to $500. This would be a much safer bonus to take whereas if you were to take the 100 percent bonus with a play amount of up to $5,000.

Read the Rules

It is crucial to completely review and understand the rules for any casino game especially when money is involved. This also applies to new casino bonuses because you want to make sure you will get the most out of them once you opt to become a paying member.

For example, say you stumble upon an online casino that is offering a great bonus and find the games fun and interesting. Hence, you deposit a large amount of money into the site and expect a large returning bonus.

Unfortunately, either the bonus does not turn out to be what you expected or you have to fulfill extra requirements for them to be credited into your account. No matter what bonuses you find, make sure that you read in the requirements necessary before signing up and become a paying gamer of any casino site.


Online casinos are a great way to participate in gambling without going to Vegas. An important thing to remember is to check the reputation of any online casino site to validate its trustworthiness. The last thing a good player wants to do is to invest in an online casino without knowing its background and credibility in the online gambling scene.

Leroy’s Sportbook App for iOS

cost efficient, more people consider betting online as a new habit.

The increased sales of smartphones paved the way for betting and sportbooks to run as applications, creating a new wave in the gambling industry. Now, people don’t just sit at their couches in front of their laptops or desktop computers, because they can do it at anyplace and time with a decent Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection.

Leroy’s Sportsbook Application

Last year, the Leroy’s Sportsbook app has been approved for field testing by Apple and Nevada Gaming Control Board. Leroy’s has partnered up with computerized Bookmarking Systems, a race and sports provider, to come up with a mobile betting app for iPhone. The app is compatible with the latest iOS5 device software and will also work flawlessly on the iPhone 3GS, 4G and 4S.

The sportsbook app allows users to gamble from their mobile devices as long as they are located in Nevada and are registered at the American Wagering location to avoid underage gambling or identity theft. Once the players are signed up, they will receive a download link via text message. The app then let players bet on different sporting events with options for straight and parlay bets, as well as in-game wagering.

Pros and Cons

The best thing about Leroy’s Sportbook app is that it is very accessible so people can get updates directly on their phone. It is a great app for those who are busy with work and doesn’t have the time to go to a casino just to enjoy gambling. In addition, the app provides an intuitive user interface so players can get the hang of it with just a few tries.

It is no wonder why players are skeptical at first regarding online gambling’s security. But Leroy’s and the Computerized Marking system assures its first time and registered players that their valuable information is safe. The app is only provisioned and accessible for wagering after an account application is approved, so players’ are guaranteed that their money is safe, plus they can make their withdrawals instantly.

The only flip side of the Leroy’s app is players’ can’t tease totals or play parlay cards within the app. But of course, that doesn’t make it a bad betting app and nothing beats the convenience it gives to its regular players.

Choosing Between Online and Traditional Faxing

Image via Wikipedia

Online faxing over an internet protocol system has grown in popularity over the past decade. While many organizations, large and small, have embraced online faxes, others remain hesitant. Few organizations have made the total transition to online faxing, though.

Rewards of Traditional Faxing

Traditional faxing rewards the recipient with a hard concrete product which the professional can hold in their hands. Though a reward of little value, it is a comfort to many office personnel who need a cognitive reinforcer the “deal is done.”

A past argument for the traditional fax was the legality of a paper versus an image. Previously, an image was not respected as a supporting document in court. This is because they could be edited and manipulated to make them say whatever the recipient wanted. Likewise, the sender could send one copy then edit the original to reflect a different position.

Technological Advances

Technology has advanced to include document lock safeguards. At the same time the general public and courts have become more acceptable of electronic files. It is still preferable for high value documents to be sent through overnight mail and a traditional fax probably would not have sufficed in these cases anyway.

Online fax services allow the user to be more mobile because the fax can be received via mobile devices anywhere you are.

Who is Using Online Faxing?

Tech worlds and private sectors appear to be the industries with the highest acceptance rate. Nonprofit and government agencies may be the slowest to take advantage of the cost saving effects of online faxing. This may be due to outdated policies promoting the storage of paper over productivity.

Characteristics of Online Faxing:

  • No need for any analog (land lines) to be installed. The existing data lines are leveraged.
  • Long distance dialing charges are an expense of the past.
  • Supply marketing materials in almost unlimited graphic settings.
  • Use fax with email and voicemail for coordinated marketing campaigns.
  • Saves money through a central process.

Characteristics of Traditional Faxing:

  • Analog lines are needed.
  • Continue to pay per call and per minute long distance charges.
  • Unable to integrate voicemail with fax.
  • Fax boards are required.

Although most companies will experience an increase in mobility, an increase in workforce flexibility, and improved efficiency, companies should compare the characteristics of each and make individualized decisions on which way to go. Keep in mind that online faxing is fairly easy to implement and there are numerous cost benefits.

10 Android Apps to Increase Productivity

Smartphones let a person work while on route to their next destination or while waiting somewhere for a scheduled appointment. A mini office exists in your Android smartphone that is every bit as productive as being at your desk.

Here are 10 Android apps for productivity when you need to get some work done:

Image via Flickr

Quick Office Pro

A functional app, Quick Office Pro puts Microsoft Office products on your phone. It is the most comprehensive and connected suite available for Android. You can get access to MS Word or Excel documents remotely or create new ones. The connected file manager lets you share files with Google Docs or Huddle to name a few.

Droid Edit

A functional app for those who are into programming source code. Droid Edit offers a free text editor feature. It comes with syntax highlighting for Python, Ruby, Javascript and many more. It can create network sockets. Best of all, it has infinite undo and redo.


It offers survival from the avalanche of details you have to deal with during a business trip. It puts all your trip information—flights, reservations, maps, tickets and schedules of meeting—in a quick access, linear fashion that briefs you on what will transpire on your busy day.

Documents to Go

This practical app lets you work from your smartphone with Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Adobe pdf supported files. Documents to Go lets you edit documents or create new ones. Once finished, you can open and send attachments by email or Gmail.

Key Ring

A reliable app, Key Ring lets you scan all those company cards for discounts or coupons. Scan the bar code and your phone becomes a digital card which retailers can scan with their devices. Other features include a special-offer notification and a note program for making lists.

Talk to Me

This app makes international communication a bit easier. Its speech recognition software in 15 languages lets you translate a phrase from your native language to a foreign one. It then outputs a voice in that language.

Google Voice

A practical app, Google Voice creates a phone number and lets you make cheap international calls which are then transcribed for later viewing. This app has text messaging and voice mail as well.


For the social bees, Seesmic lets you manage your social networks. You can see updates or notifications of your trusted social networks at once, since Seesmic stacks the messages and puts the latest message on top.

Sprite Droid Back Up

An app that keeps you organized, Sprite Droid Back Up keeps your phone data safe. It gives you the choice of device, storage card, box.net or Dropbox back up.


Finally, Instagram for Android!—though Android-users-slash-photography-hobbyists still have to wait a little longer as this app is still on it’s way to the Android market.

Aside from sharing photos in a stream, Instagram also has custom-designed filters and borders to creatively change the user’s images any way he wished. With the instant sharing feature, one can upload his professional-looking upshots to any social media sites.

Try out these 10 Android Apps for productivity and make your life a little easier, anytime and anywhere you want it.

Application for your Ipod

In this modern technology, you can find the highest technology design that can give you some entertainments ideas. If you are interested in finding the best choice of gadget, you can try to look at some review about each gadget first.

Today, there are many people who are interested in using iPod from Apple because it comes in a great application technology. You can feel easy to get some application such as watching TV, listening music, or playing games. You just need to download it somewhere and then store it at your iPod. To get update information for your iPod, you can try to look at Freeipodtouchonline.com. You can get free iTouch guide when you are going to this company. Besides that, another choice that you can find is looking for iPod Apps for free. There are many kinds of application that you can easily download in here. This is the fastest solution for you to optimize your iPod. You can enjoy some entertainment easily.

It will be great for you to try looking for web apps when you need to get the newest details for application. Apple.com also comes in legitimate website that provides the best collection iPod application. You can be their next recipient that needs application product for iPod.

The Best Four Gadgets of 2011


Gadgets have changed the face of American business. From MP3 players to smartphones and everything in between, people want the fastest, most versatile and smallest version of today’s hottest gadgets. 2011 saw the release of hundreds of gadgets, but not every new machine is worth your investment. What gadget should you really consider? Your best bet is taking a look at the top four gadgets released in 2011.

1.      The iPhone 4:

There are several smartphones on the market right now, but in 2011, Apple released its latest version of the iPhone. If you are honest, you know that there is a reason why Apple leads the pack in smartphones. Based on the Windows 7 platform, the iPhone 4 has all the speed and applications you could want – and it looks cool, too.

2.      The Nook Simple Touch:

EBook readers have been growing in popularity over the past few years, leading to a surge in electronic reading devices. Barnes and Noble has taken the eBook to the next level with its simple and intuitive Nook. The e-reader is entirely touch operated so it really stands out from the pack.

3.      The iPad 2:

The release of the iPad several years ago created a veritable crush of tablet computers, but Apple still leads the way. The iPad 2 addresses some of the glaring problems of the first version. While it could be a little lighter and sleeker, it absolutely is the best tablet on the market.

4.      The Flip Ultra HD:

A hand-held video recorder is a must have, and the Flip Ultra HD is leading the way in its field. It has all the features you need to make it really useful, including an integrated USB port, a battery that you can charge 500 times and a full hour of recording time. These features make this one of the best gadgets to buy.

If you haven’t found the gadget you are looking for by shopping for electronics on eBay, just wait. The year isn’t over yet, and more options are coming in the second half of the year. Two notables are the BlackBerry Rim and the Sony PlayStation phone. The BlackBerry Rim is a mini projector, and the PlayStation phone will allow you to play your favorite PlayStation games on your phone.

So far, 2011 has provided several gadgets. If you rely on mobile technology, start shopping for the best four gadgets of 2011. What is your favorite gadget?

6 Technologies We’d be Lost Without

There are two types of technologies we have in our lives: those we need, and those we’d be lost without. The difference is that the technologies we need, save our lives. The technologies we’d be lost without, well, we just can’t live without them. They’re the crutch we use and they make our lives easier, even if sometimes in a lazy way. Here are 6 of those technologies right now.
1. Remote Control

Remote Control

Do we need the remote control? No. Do we want it anyway? You better believe it. For anyone who thinks that we don’t need this kind of technology, just think about the last time your batteries went dead. You probably chose to go to the store to get new batteries rather than change the channel on the TV yourself.
2. Internet

Internet Explorer doesnt like the Conservatives

10 years ago the Internet wasn’t something you had to have in your everyday life. These days you can’t go five minutes without using the Internet. Just the thought of being without it is enough to create mass panic. Technology can make that which we didn’t need before seem essential, which is exactly what happened with the internet.
3. Cell Phones

Object Lesson -- Japanese Cell Phone

Cell phones, mobile phones, smart phones: whatever you want to call them, our cell phones have become as much a part of our person as our wallets. You don’t leave the house without it, and if you lose it, you’re likely to lose your cool also. You can do almost anything, including check your auto policy on your smartphone. As cell phones are capable of doing more, this invention will be even harder to live without.
4. Cable

Old TV تلفزيون قديم

When the remote control was invented, it was invented for cable, even if no one knew it yet. Long gone are the days of three stations and static. With hundreds of channels and movie choices at your fingertips, you can give up a lot, but not your cable.
5. MP3 Players

mp3 player prodaja

Whether it’s an iPod, a feature on your smart phone, or another company’s music device, the reality is that everything you want to hear is digital these days. No MP3 player means no music, that’s just not acceptable.
6. Digital Cameras

My trusty BenQ DC C62 digital camera / Mi fiable camara digital BenQ DC C62

There was a time when 35mm film was all the rage, but these days film is ancient news. Almost everyone uses digital cameras. With cameras ranging up to 17 mega-pixels, digital photography is the way to go.
We’re lucky to live in a time when we have technologies that make our lives easier. It’s crazy how quickly we adjust to new technologies, and soon life without them seems impossible. What will the next must-have technology be?


Best Reasons to Get HBO

direct TV, is one of the most popular movie channels on television.  In 1972, the Home Box Office aired its first movie, Sometimes a Great Notion, and since then the channel has expanded to include several different channels, including HBO HD, HBO Family, HBO Latino, and many more. Today, it reaches more than 28 million viewers. If you still aren’t convinced, here are some of the best reasons to get HBO.

Cause It’s a Thrilla

In 1965, Charles Dolan had an idea — an idea that would change the way we view television. His innovation allowed the average American access to more than just movies. During more than 40 years in operation, HBO has had many first time broadcasting feats. Including the first satellite broadcast of a boxing match, The Thrilla in Manila. Other firsts include The Terry Fox Show (first made for pay TV movie) and Fraggle Rock (first children’s program)

It’s a Gas

While they don’t make everyone’s top ten list, HBO is quickly changing the way we look at, and think of, documentaries. They often develop, fund, and produce their own documentaries, and focus on a wide range of areas designed to pique the interest of even the most fickle of viewers.

, sometimes dark and sometimes comical, explores the impact of fractal drilling across the country. Frighteningly, the public is largely unaware of the impact this type of drilling has. Gaslands brings the fight to the public and highlights the battle now before our government.
Other popular documentaries include Sex Crimes Unit, A Matter of Taste: Serving Up Paul Rembrandt, Koran By Heart, Bobby Fischer Against the World, and Mann v. Ford.

A Shining City Upon a Hill

Many of their documentaries are award winners, but this year, Reagan stands out. It blended together contemporary interviews, historical commentary and period footage, and a new view of Ronald Reagan emerged. The documentary explores the social, economic, and political influences of the Gipper on today’s society and reminds us all of his famous vision for America . . . that we can be that shining city upon a hill.

It’s an Addiction

HBO may have been conceived as a way to bring full-length movies to the masses, but when they saw the chance to produce serial shows, they took it, creating some of the most innovative shows of the last 30 years. From The Hitchhiker to First and Ten, their critically acclaimed shows are the perfect entertainment.

Many of their most popular series have large fan followings and might more reasonably be called an addiction. With more than 30 series under their belt, including The Sopranos, Band of Brothers, and Sex and the City, HBO continues to churn out the hits.

Winter Is Coming

Owing in part to the popularity of the tag line “Winter is coming,” the show is considered to be the most anticipated TV series of all time, A Game of Thrones is an epic rendition of the popular book A Song of Fire and Ice. It is grand in design, beautiful in rendition, and stunningly popular. HBO is currently filming the second season, and millions of fans can’t wait for the season premier next spring.

Under The Boardwalk

Boardwalk Empire follows the lives of prohibition era gangsters, politicians, and common folk in Atlantic City. This period series is richly styled and an ideal glimpse into an era gone by. With an intricate plot line and star-studded cast, Boardwalk Empire grabs your attention and never lets go. With the second season starting soon, now is the perfect time to sign up, get caught up, and take a “walk” under the boardwalk

It’s a Bit…Messy

Vampires aren’t to be feared; in fact, they’re at the heart of some of the most entertaining shows on television — including HBO’s True Blood. Edgy and risqué, the show has reached cult stardom. Vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, and other supernatural creatures vie for love, power, and life. Now in its fourth season, this cult favorite is making history.

A Cupboard Full of Series

If the enormous catalog of past series, movies, and documentaries isn’t enough to catch your eye, HBO is the current home to some of the most popular shows on televisions anywhere. Curb Your Enthusiasm, In Therapy, and Bored to Death are just the tip of the iceberg.

Catch the latest episode of your favorite HBO series or watch those from years gone by all in one convenient place. It is these shows that everyone is talking about, these shows you must watch.

Get It Free

We haven’t even touched on the thousands of movies offered by HBO and its related channels and already the complete package sounds like an expensive proposition. Luckily, it is possible to get HBO free through several service providers like DirectTV.

They are currently running a promotion that will allow you to watch all of the real life documentaries, exciting series, and movies without spending a dime. Check with your service provider to see if you qualify for a free trial.

Get It to Go

HBO will never leave ya hanging either — especially now with their HBOGo program. No matter where you are, you have access to all of HBO’s popular shows. They have compiled their entire catalog online, making it possible to watch the latest episode of your favorite show anywhere you can access the Internet. Even better? The service is free to subscribers.

Wrap It Up with a Bow

HBO is more than a simple movie channel. Instead, it is the perfect blend of movies, documentaries, and award winning shows. Including the HBO family in our cable or satellite package is free for three months and means always having access to your favorite shows and movies. Perhaps the best reasons to get HBO are yet to come. Who knows what new series, documentaries, and movies will be available next year? HBO continues to answer all your entertainment needs. Got HBO?

Computers and the Job Market

job market that is in place today.

Replacing the Human Element in the Workplace

Manufacturing employment in Cleveland, OH MSA.

Image via Wikipedia

Some of the jobs that have been replaced by computers includes:

  1. Bank Tellers
  2. Car manufacturers
  3. Pilots
  4. Operators
  5. Receptionists
  6. Power plant employees

This is just a short list of professions that have taken a hard hit as a result of the technological advances made in our current society. The adjustments made in skilled crafts and trades and begun to incorporate the initial skills with the technology addition. However, much of the progress is geared at efficiency and quickness, resulting in little to no human workmanship being included.

Ways to Rise Above

For people that are adamant about being part of a workforce that has technological saturation, consider gaining more understanding, education, and certification in the are of computer technology, engineering, or computer programming. These areas  are the key industries that develop new ideas that will later lead to less human contact, but will provide work for those that develop it. Investigate the options that are present regarding this topic, nad see if it is a good fit for you.