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Computer Updates

Computer Updates

There are so many updates that take place on computers that it is hard to keep track of them. Some of the newest technology includes the peripherals and accessories that is added onto computers. The latest and greatest of this type of technology is touch screen monitors. These screens now come in many different sizes, and are both touch screen and powered by a mouse. This is a great advance considering the fact that computers are just now getting to the point where the need for a mouse is absolute thanks to smart phones.

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Phones and Computers

The wave of smart phones has allowed for more technology in the palm of a hand. The result is that consumer expect faster moving, high demand response equipment that laptops and desk tops simply cannot compete with. The disclaimer regarding the touch screen movement is that there are more parts that can break on these types of devices, monitors included.

Apple has the leading edge on touch screens and smart phones, not because of the great technology and fast response times, but because of their battery life in their machines. The iPad has a battery life of 10 hours due to the unique composition that only Apple has. This technology has made makers of other brands step up and find ways to satisfy customer needs with higher power units that do not need to recharge as often.

Technology offers many benefits to users, but to find the right piece for you w

ill take time and research.

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